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STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge Power Bank LED Mirror

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Brighten your look, charge your life!

The STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge Powerbank Mirror is the perfect portable vanity and makeup mirror for all your beauty needs! This sleek handheld mirror not only provides you with the perfect lighting with its bright LED ring light, but it also doubles up as a mobile accessory and gadget charger. Its USB charging port allows you to charge your phone anywhere, anytime, making it a must-have on-the-go companion.


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Your new favourite accessory

With its compact size, the STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge easily fits in your handbag, ensuring you have a lighted vanity mirror wherever you go. Never again worry about a dead phone battery or poor lighting with this innovative and convenient mirror. Upgrade your beauty game and stay connected with the STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge Powerbank Mirror!

Benefits and features

⭐LED ring light
⭐Dual functionality as a mirror and portable power pack, so you can stay connected and charged up while on the go
⭐Compact and sleek design, making it highly portable and easy to carry with you wherever you go
⭐USB charging port for charging your mirror and phone
⭐3x magnification mirror
⭐Provides flawless lighting for all your needs: The LED ring light ensures that you have the perfect light for applying makeup and beauty products
⭐Light ensures you have the perfect setting for any situation
⭐Has the best lighting for applying makeup, styling your hair, or taking selfies
⭐Never run out of battery charge again
⭐Highly portable and easy to carry
⭐USB charger function means you can recharge your phone wherever you are


✅1 x STYLPRO Flip ’n’ Charge
✅1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
✅1 x Protective Bag
✅1 x Instructions

How to use

Using the light
🖤When you open your STYLPRO Flip ’n’ Charge, the light will turn on upon opening. If you want to turn the light off when using, press the button once and the light will fade off.

Charging your STYLPRO Flip ’n’ Charge
🖤When you need to need to check the power left of the STYLPRO Flip ’n ’Charge, press the button and the blue indicators on the side will light up, each light equals 25% of battery capacity.
🖤When your STYLPRO Flip ’n’ Charge is charging, the light will flash blue and when it is fully charged the light will be static blue.

Charging your device with the STYLPRO Flip ’n’ Charge
🖤 Plug your device charger into the output power port and it will begin to charge your device.

Additional Information

The STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge is perfect for travel!

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FAQs: Flip 'n' Charge

The STYLPRO Flip ‘n’ Charge is charged using the USB-C cable provided, plug the USB-C cable in to the side of the mirror and attach to any USB-C-friendly port. Four blue lights will appear next to the button when fully charged. Each blue light equals 25% of battery capacity. You can charge on the go with your laptop, or at home.

It may take up to 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The Flip ‘n’ Charge is 95mm x 18mm.

To turn on the LED ring light on the Flip ‘n’ Charge, simply open the mirror and the ring light will automatically turn on.

To turn off the ring light on the Flip ‘n’ Charge mirror, simply close the mirror and the ring light will automatically turn off. You can also press the button on the side of the mirror to manually turn off the ring light.

To charge your phone using the Flip ‘n’ Charge plug your USB phone charging cable in to the USB port on the side of the mirror and plug the other side of the cable into your phone.

If the ring light looks dim, your Flip ‘n’ Charge may need charging. The 4 blue lights on the side of the mirror indicate how much charge your Flip ‘n’ Charge has. 4 blue lights lit up mean that the mirror is fully charged. If the ring light is looking dim, charge your Flip ‘n’ Charge mirror.

You can download a copy of the instructions here