New York's Fashionista put StylPro to the test

New York's Fashionista put StylPro to the test

Fashionista is a trusted source of fashion and beauty news with a monthly readership of more than 2.5 million. This week they tested different makeup brush cleaning tools to see which ones really work.

StylPro was included, and reviewer Lauren Hubbard said "One of the more annoying parts of cleaning your makeup brushes is waiting for them to dry out afterwards. The StylPro sets out to fix that problem by making both the washing and drying steps of your brush cleaning routine super-speedy with a spin cycle...the makeup seemed to fly right off. Even better, once I pulled the brush out of the bowl and turned off the spinner, the brush was already dry. Like magic! I'd been concerned that the cleanser would leave an oily residue, but after wiping it against a towel as the instructions suggested, it simply felt clean and passed the tissue test with flying colors..."

 Lauren concluded that StylPro is "Fast cleansing. Fast drying. Wide variety of collar sizes for different brushes. Effective."

She did say that she wished there was a bag or something to make sure she doesn't lose any of the parts.

If you find that too, have you seen the fabulous StylPro Vanity case? A tidy, protective case to keep your makeup and StylPro accessories organised and protected. Easily portable thanks to its carry handle.

You can read the full Fashionista review here.

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