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It’s a New Year and a fresh new start, time to start thinking about your new goals and resolutions.


Setting a personal resolution at the beginning of the year has been a tradition for many years; whether it be for health, happiness or a change in your beauty routine, setting a goal or a challenge is key.


A popular resolution, you may have seen many of your peers following this year is a lifestyle change … becoming Vegan.


Throughout 2018 awareness of the Vegan movement dramatically increased something that is not set to change this year with the return of Veganuary.




Veganuary is a campaign set up to encourage people to try a Vegan diet for the month of January. The Veganuary mission is to create a world where veganism is a mainstream lifestyle choice.


There are many reasons people follow the vegan movement, for most, a love of animals is the main call to action and for others it is the impact on the world and health. Many may not realise that the change in diet is just the start of Veganism, it is not only a food commitment but a complete lifestyle change impacting the choice of beauty accessories and beauty products too.




Reports often indicate Vegan beauty products are better for our skin with fewer ingredients and bigger health benefits therefore, it is no surprise the veganism trend is growing within beauty. One line of research found that many of those interested in chemical-free foods eventually start researching personal-care products, becoming more aware of the myriad chemicals in the beauty potions we slather on our skin.


We often strive for the perfect, flawless finish within our beauty and makeup routines. Many don’t realise that the starting point for a flawless, perfect finish is clean canvas including your skin and makeup brushes. Vegan products are known for having fewer ingredients than the average non-vegan cosmetics and the less you put on your skin, the better condition it will be in.


Today cruelty-free and sustainable choices in beauty products is prompting real change in the beauty industry: more than 6% of products launched in the UK in 2017 were certified as Vegan; a figure that’s expected to double in the next five years.


We spend a fair wedge of money on our skin care, makeup and makeup tools in our quest to perfect our look and improve the appearance of our skin. We cannot help but question what is the point in this money if we then don’t really look after our tools and skin?


With a large consideration into cruelty free and fewer ingredients in the makeup and other beauty products we buy and apply to our skin it also worth speaking about the cleanser we use to remove makeup from our brushes too.


Finding a cleanser to remove oily and long stay foundation is a struggle. Traditionally it takes time and a lot of effort in washing and drying. Often it is assumed removing makeup residue quickly requires a lot of nasty chemicals and ingredients.




Thankfully with the StylPro makeup brush cleanser the struggle is over; the cleanser is a gentle yet highly effective formula which will remove oil-based products from brushes with ease leaving them like new again.


The unique and deep cleansing formula used in the StylPro cleanser is alcohol, paraben and sulphate free and is also registered by the Vegan society. The cleanser cuts through stubborn cosmetics and at the same time nourishes and conditions brush bristles with wheatgerm, grapeseed and argan oils leaving them silky, smooth and protected.


It’s the perfect solution, a vegan friendly formula with amazing results in a matter of seconds when paired with the StylPro makeup brush cleaner and dryer.


Even if it isn’t part of your new year’s resolution this year, go ahead and personalise your skin care, try Vegan products in your routines and see how they can work for you. It’s likely your skin will thank you for it later.


Team Tom 



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