Press Alert!

Press Alert!

Hot off the press! STYLIDEAS have had a few appearances in the press, with mentions in The Metro and The Guardian. With the current airing of The Apprentice Best Bits, what Tom has gone on to do after winning series 7, is of current intrigue.


In The Metro…

‘Mistakes, you’ve made a few?

Yes, with one of our first orders of the curved nail file. Unfortunately, during shipping the glue heated up and it released, so the abrasive became unstuck from the core. We hadn’t done enough testing at suitable temperatures on the glue. Sainsbury’s wanted 20,000 and we had to open up every single box and get rid of the bad ones.’

In The Metro Tom gives his ‘Tips from the Top’, about how to pursue inventive dreams and the practicalities of keeping your day job. He talks of his 60-80 hour working week and the disaster of not testing all temperatures on the glue in his STYLFILE, leading to 20,000 files ungluing themselves.

Tom has also received some ‘feedback’ from family and friends after stating, ‘Choose which feedback to listen to. My wife was like, “Make-up brush cleaner, who needs that?” She didn’t own a make-up brush — luckily a million others did’. Mrs Pellereau would like everyone to know that Tom does do what he is told, sometimes.

See the interview here.


In The Guardian…

‘What I didn’t realise was that The Apprentice records two endings, one in which each finalist wins. So when they said Helen Milligan, the other finalist, had won, I was distraught. Then Lord Sugar said: “Your face is a picture! Didn’t they tell you we record two endings?”’

In The Guardian, Tom joins 5 other ‘Apprentice survivors’ to talk about their time on the show and what they have gone on to do. From ‘The Badger’ to Inventor Tom, to whether Lord Sugar uses a booster seat, each Apprentice candidate exposes how they truly felt on the show.


Read about how Tom had to stage winning and what happened to the rest here.

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