How to win at Nail Care by Gina & Tally

How to Win at Nailcare

Being actresses, we have to keep our hands looking nice 24/7 – because you never know when a casting director is going to ask to see your hands and zoom a camera in on them!

Good hands can make the difference between getting a lucrative commercial or not – and of course we all feel more confident holding hands with our loved ones, shaking hands at a meeting or even signing for a parcel with great nails.

Luckily for us, Gina’s good friend Tom Pellereau won BBC’s The Apprentice in 2011, and he recently sent the Winners Institute a box of his innovative range of nail products to try.



We had fun opening up the Stylfile box and exploring all the goodies inside.

Gina has been using one of his products – the S curved nail file for years – but neither of us had seen the extensive range of products Tom has now brought to the market.

Watch the video blog by Gina & Tally here on the Stylfile inventions:  


Gina says:

“I love the Mani Pro which is a nail buffer with stainless steel cuticle pusher and cuticle neatener hidden inside. I’m not often allowed to wear nail polish in the shows that I’m in so this product is great to keep my nails shiny and neat when I can’t hide them under polish!”


Tally says:

“I like the S-Ped foot-file! It’s really easy to use and not at all gross – which is important when it comes to filing my feet (not something I ever really want to do), because it collects any shavings inside. Also it’s tiny and can fit inconspicuously into a make-up bag or overnight bag, making it much more appealing to use than a giant electric foot file that needs batteries to work. My feet were smoother and more beach-ready after just one use. Yay!"




And for the little ones in my life, I like the Nipper Clipper – a super safe baby nail file. I gave it to my cousin’s baby – Sonny – and I hear it’s going down very well!”




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