Thank you - Tandam Charity 6-Man cycle ride done

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind donation. With your help, at the last time of checking over £15,622 link has been raised for Keen London, the only charity in London providing one-to-one sports and fun for children and young adults with special needs at no cost to their families and caregivers.

Keen estimate it costs £10/person/session or £200/person/yr. With your help 1,562 extra person/sessions are now be possible! For added context, KEEN's annual budget runs at about £60k. So your donation has made a big impact.

The ride it's self was - glorious, hilarious, breathtaking, terrifying, painful, and long. In total, it took 22 hours of solid cycling to complete the 150 miles. We left Buckingham Palace at 6:15am on Friday, arrived at Harwich Essex at 8:30pm, caught the Ferry then cycled from 8am to 6pm on saturday. 
Cycling through central London, especially through the Embankment tunnels, was the most scary. Turning a 5 meter bike, it turned out was not impossible, but it was very hard, as was starting. However the most difficult part was the Dutch speed bumps, which the Tandam had to be lifted over, to prevent it grounding and damaging the peddles, cogs and chain. Given the weight (est 120kg) of the bike and that Dutch suburbs had bumps every 20 meters in some areas, this made progress very slow and heavy

Speed bumps aside, the Dutch side was a dream. I would highly recommend a holiday cycle, catch over night ferry from Harwich to "the Hook of Holland" then enjoy the 60 miles to Amsterdam via Haarlem. The coastal path which winds though the dunnes is stunning. I hope to take Sarah and Jack one day. GPS route below.

GPS Routes:
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