CHARITY 6 man cycle - London to Amsterdam (150miles)

Two years ago I had a mad idea of trying to make a 6 man tandem cycle and riding it the 150 miles from London to Amsterdam with friends, for a Charity who bring one-to-one sports fun to disabled kids. I’m a big fan of tandems (on my wedding day, my wife and I left the church on a tandem) and it seemed an amusing way to raise money for a great cause!

Following a lot of work and a good few disappointments, we now have a 6 man linear tandem bike (photos attached) and next friday (26th) we leave Buckingham Palace at 6am destined for Amsterdam, 150 miles away.

Please, please if you fancy donating a little click here:  So far we’ve raised £3,595.

ABOUT THE CHARITY: KEEN London are the only charity in London providing one-to-one sports and fun for children and young adults with special needs (the 'athletes') at no cost to their families and caregivers. KEEN currently have a large waiting list of children who are desperate to participate in the weekly sessions, and the vision is to take KEEN London all over the capital. It costs £10 a session or £200 a year per athlete to attend KEEN London.

How Heavy is the bike?  Full details here  

Thank you


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